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29' Soldan
15' Bene
81' Kašna

Stadion Kojetín
Standing : 1806
Seats: 1358
Tribune: 571
Seats for sponsors: 2

90' Final whistle of the referee, end of the match.
90' Ball possession in the second half-time is in favour of the host team 60 %.
81' Erik Hudler from team Kojetín fails to kick off properly, the ball gets to Nikolas Kašna and right between the goalie's legs the ball finds its way into the goal.
74' A dangerous situation in front of the goalie of Kojetín , Erik Hudler clears the ball out of danger.
62' A swift action, team Kojetín strive to form defensive lines, Ruda Katrenič blasts the ball towards the post, but goalie Karol Slapnička makes a spectacular save.
56' A brilliant direct kick of team Kojetín , keeper Hubert Šilhavecký stood on the right spot and knocks the ball away.
54' Jindřich Ondrka takes a direct kick from 25 yards, the Pěčín defensive wall stops the ball after Vilfrid Jaroši heads it down.
52' Spytimír Koryčínský runs up onto the field.
52' Lying Tadeusz Arechowicz can't stand up from the pitch after the last clash. The collision with the opposing player was really hard.
51' Tadeusz Arechowicz tries to head the ball down towards the team-mate in the Pěčín penalty box, we see the ball out of play instead.
50' Player Arechowicz lacks his usual glitz today. Apparently he misses the right motivation.
45' Ball possession in the first half-time is in favour of the host team 58 %.
45' Half-time
36' Vit Hrádela tries hard to find a goal-shooting position, eventually he takes a shot from behind the defender. Even though Erik Hudler couldn't stop the shot, Karol Slapnička manages to save it.
33' Tadeusz Arechowicz tries hard to find a goal-shooting position, eventually he takes a shot from behind the defender. Even though Vilfrid Jaroši couldn't stop the shot, Hubert Šilhavecký manages to save it.
29' A handball right outside the penalty area. A direct kick will be taken by Hosts Salmon Soldan . A bobbling shot is struck and the ball appears beyond the amazed goalie.
28' An interesting action, Kojetín with a slow sequence of passes seem to have put the whole Pěčín defence into a sleepy trance. Tadeusz Arechowicz rushed towards a swift pass beyond the defensive centre-half and fires out straight in the chest of the keeper. Hubert Šilhavecký puts slowly to his feet with a painful grimace.
24' A swift breakaway on the wing, Pěčín arrived in the box, Ruda Katrenič receives the ball but his explosive shot hits the chest of Kojetín goalkeeper.
20' Jindřich Ondrka takes advantage of a mess in the defence of team Pěčín , but the following shot flies well wide of the goal.
15' Vilfrid Jaroši was tripped on the line of the penalty box. Visitors Vladimir Bene is placing the ball. His technical shot to the right post doesn't give the goalie Karol Slapnička any chance.
The guests decided to play in the formation 5-3-2 with the players' setup:
Šilhavecký - Buc ,Tűrke ,Jaroši ,Bádal ,Vyhnálek - Bene ,Peti ,Kašna - Hrádela ,Katrenič .
The hosts decided to play in the formation 4-4-2 with the players' setup:
Slapnička - Hudler ,Drejsl ,Kantner ,Pinďák - Kympergr ,Mazgal ,Soldan ,Strankmüller - Arechowicz,Ondrka .
Both the host and guest team have already handed in their player lists to the commentators.
It's dull and cold today. The rain is supposed to start during the match.