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39' Borman
29' Diamant
76' Ferkingstad
86' Schnierer
Stadion Dudince
Standing : 19351
Seats: 14795
Tribune: 11214
Seats for sponsors: 800
FK Povina

90' The referee raises his hands, shows players to their locker rooms and ends the game by blowing his whistle.
90' Ball possession in the second half-time is in favour of the guest team 52 %.
89' Change ot the team's tactics FK Povina, Normal.
89' the preferred passes for the team FK Povina are after the instructions from coach `Short passes.
89' FK Povina has changed the offensive. It is playing `Normal tactics`.
89' Change ot the team's tactics Dudince, Normal.
89' Dudince is trying to change the style of the game. It is currently playing `Normal`.
89' the preferred passes for the team Dudince are after the instructions from coach `Short passes.
89' Dudince has decidied to change the kick off/ offensive. `Normal tactics` is playing.
86' After a scuffle in the defence area of Dudince, Mats Hummels tries to clear the ball. But Visitors Dan Solhaug skillfully pulled his jersey and the ball gets to the possession of Oldrich Schnierer who strikes a goal from the corner of the penalty area. The referee points to the middle of the pitch.
78' Player Mats Hummels gets a yellow card for pulling a jersey.
76' The FK Povina player receives a clean chance with a swift one-two pass from Bohumír Jancso. In cold blood, Bendik Ferkingstad converts the chance with a shot into the left-hand corner of the goal.
64' After a slow passing sequence, a vertical pass ends in front of the goal of team Dudince. Ignác Diamant tries to make for the ball, however Mats Hummels boots a clearance.
62' Dudince put in a short cross. Defending Zvone Kustric reacts timely and with a slide tackle clears the ball away from the keeper Omar Mazariegos to safety.
58' Today Jancso's motivated performance warms the heart of the fans.
52' Feliciano Holderbaum finishes the battle with excessive aggression and sees the yellow card.
45' Ball possession in the first half-time is in favour of the host team 56 %.
45' Half-time
43' Kamil Borman takes a direct kick from 25 yards, the FK Povina defensive wall stops the ball after Zvone Kustric heads it down.
39' A hard shot sent to the goal of team FK Povina is blocked by the keeper's gloves. Omar Mazariegos knocks it off. Kamil Borman gets to the ball and beats the goalie.
29' FK Povina carries out a swift counterattack. Being outnumbered by 2 to 1, Erik Pritz sends a well-timed pass to the right side. Mats Hummels is not fast enough and Ignác Diamant scores a goal under the falling goalie.
15' Out of the blue Ignác Diamant receives a clean chance, however Manuel Neuer takes advantage of his long procrastination and timely dives into the shot.
The guests decided to play in the formation 4-5-1 with the players' setup:
Mazariegos - Jauregui,Pritz ,Kustric,Solhaug - Holmřy,Ferkingstad,Schnierer,Jancso,Skistad - Diamant.
The hosts decided to play in the formation 4-1-4-1 with the players' setup:
Neuer - Hummels,Alaba,Horváth,Carter - Holderbaum,Whitcroft,Alcántara,Borman,Robben - Torrens.
Both the host and guest team have already handed in their player lists to the commentators.
The sun is shining. The stadium is ready to welcome all football fans.