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We have prepared the english league

We succeeded in preparing the englsih league after weeks of work.
We believe, that from the 80 teams you will find your favourite and will help him to collect the most points.

The teams were split into the following leagues:

  • I. United Kingdom
  • II.A United Kingdom
  • II.B United Kingdom
  • II.C United Kingdom

2012 The possibility to cahnge the style of strike during the match

In case you have incorrectly estiamted your opponent and his game goes well, there is the new possibiltity to change the style of striking during the match.
It only takes a minute to change the conditions and the style ...

2012 How to decrease the fatigue of the players when the match is refered.

We have prepared the possibilty to save the key players during matched that are already decided.
The new functionality enalbles to substitute the players at any time during the match. In case that the state of match
already ...

2012 The mentality of the whole line
We have prepared the possibility of setting the behaviour of the whole group of players according to your initiative.
From now on it will be possible to set offensive or defensive behaviour of the whole group of players, ...