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Account blocked

Your account has been blocked. You have violated the Terms and Conditions of Use.
The most common violation of rules is forbidden  trade with players, controlling two teams from a single computer without activation of the Dual mode, frequent changing of teams, disallowed renaming of teams, slander of other managers or deceit with players, derogatory words.
If you wish to continue playing you have to pay a payment for unblocking. Please do respect the rules in the future.
A payment for unblocking is 4 €. Money can be sent by a postal order, type U (show the template) or by a bank transfer to the account shown below. Don’t forget to write proper variable-symbol or your player login as a description of the payment. As processing of the postal order takes several days you can speed up the activation by sending an email to notify us: or to ICQ 598-511-344.

If you have any questions you can use these contacts to get answers you are looking for.
WARNING: After the re-activation your squad might be changed. If you wish not to reactivate your account your team will be offered to other manager after seven days.

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