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18/01/2021 14:30:00Oenkerkplan motivation  
19/01/2021 10:00:00SC Dnipro 1plan motivation  
21/01/2021 14:30:00Markenplan motivation  
23/01/2021 14:30:00AS Zaanstadplan motivation  
25/01/2021 14:30:00PSV Eindhoven Aplan motivation  
28/01/2021 14:30:00Arnheimplan motivation  
30/01/2021 14:30:00North Brabantplan motivation  
01/02/2021 14:30:00Konolfingenplan motivation  
04/02/2021 14:30:00AZ Alkmaarplan motivation  
06/02/2021 14:30:00AZ Alkmaar Aplan motivation  
08/02/2021 14:30:00Haarlemmermeerplan motivation  
11/02/2021 14:30:00AFC Ajax Amsterdamplan motivation  
13/02/2021 14:30:00Haymanaplan motivation  
15/02/2021 14:30:00SC CAMBUR LEEUWARDENplan motivation  
18/02/2021 14:30:00Helmondplan motivation  

* pick a match, before which you want to send the players for a stay to rest. The rest will increase the motivation of the players before a match.