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Credit is a novelty which allows you to use some advanced actions. Such as:

Organizing tournaments
Arrangement of passport for a player (renaming of a player)
Shirt personalization  
Choosing a shirt for the team
Dual mode
Profile history of matches
Activation of a training from the past

What we do with money?

The money for credits are spent on ever more attractive prizes for cup competitions and managerial bonuses. We see credit as a demonstration of you having fun playing the game and as a symbolical thanks for the hard work we do.

How does it all work, where can I ask?
You can send your enquiries to, the reply usually takes 2-3 days.

How much credit do I need?
Recommended credit is 150 credits, which is a payments of 4 EUR.

How can I buy credit?
You can buy credit by paying by a PAYPAL.