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Karban cup 118\2020 (karbanik001)

...turnaj cena za cenu...,nebo 2x virtuálka…,jinak nepsat..,děkuji...

The tournament is played for a real valuable prize. It is:

After the tournament the prize is automatically delivered to the winner to the address in his registration profile.




07/12/2020 14:43:39 | lyucka18 | Detail

...mám a poslal...

06/12/2020 11:22:45 | karbanik001 | Detail

mas to tam.. podme pomenit

06/12/2020 08:35:01 | lyucka18 | Detail

...,vítejte v mém turnaji !!!

29/11/2020 14:01:59 | karbanik001 | Detail