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The tournament is played for a real valuable prize. It is:
Mitre L

After the tournament the prize is automatically delivered to the winner to the address in his registration profile.

    Manager Points Team
antylegia! 517,440 LKS '22 Zadworze offline
aska83 782,340 FA Bray offline
beniamineq 559,802 POWISLE Warszawa offline
BORUTAZGIERZ 1,024,965 BORUTA Zgierz offline
G1916(L) 411,555 ORZEŁ PARYSÓW Soroca offline
mirek31071977 924,073 1.FC Turbo Kremmen offline
mirek310719777 71,930 Start Przezchlebie offline
waldekcisowa1 185,470 Cisowa de Santa Cruz offline