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The tournament is played for a real valuable prize. It is:
STANNO XSY/5-6 r./116cm/

After the tournament the prize is automatically delivered to the winner to the address in his registration profile.

Date / Time State Teams Visitors
Round: 15
27/09/2022 21:00:001-2FC Debrecen - FC Agios26,654 
27/09/2022 21:00:001-1FCS Kolín - LFC Slovan Bolivar31,696 
27/09/2022 21:00:001-1Waasland Beveren - Hammarby IF18,403 
27/09/2022 21:00:000-2FK Bodö Glimt - Getafe CF26,698 
Round: 14
23/09/2022 21:00:002-0Getafe CF - LFC Slovan Bolivar46,970 
23/09/2022 21:00:004-0FC Agios - Waasland Beveren20,884 
23/09/2022 21:00:002-1Hammarby IF - FCS Kolín16,515 
23/09/2022 21:00:002-0FK Bodö Glimt - FC Debrecen27,556 
Round: 13
20/09/2022 21:00:001-2LFC Slovan Bolivar - Hammarby IF19,385 
20/09/2022 21:00:000-4FC Debrecen - Getafe CF30,320 
20/09/2022 21:00:001-3FCS Kolín - FC Agios35,863 
20/09/2022 21:00:002-2Waasland Beveren - FK Bodö Glimt17,183