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Match calendar Topolčianske koníkyIII.G Slovensko50,400Pavol79challenge a team  
Match calendar UKS Czarni JaworznoIII.A. Slovensko110,700kowalczykjulia70@gmail.comchallenge a team  
Match calendar KayseriII.B England84,700Cristiano29challenge a team  
Match calendar TJ Sklotatran PoltárIII.H Slovensko65,300GOYG2challenge a team  
Match calendar FC ParaboysI.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)120,000patokchallenge a team  
Match calendar Alanyaspor SCI. Turkey85,400 challenge a team  
Match calendar BasavilbasoIII. B Argentina39,300sneider bolivar lopezchallenge a team  
Match calendar FC Real RendezII.C England111,400ferozgarazechallenge a team  
Match calendar Helter.Skelter UlanyI.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)118,650cokoochallenge a team  
Match calendar KS Silesia Czarny LasI.POLSKA124,000LIPOK111challenge a team  
Match calendar PaysandúI. Uruguay47,300rico1221challenge a team  
Match calendar Sl. BratislavaIX.D3 Slovensko41,900Susochallenge a team  
Match calendar AndalsnesII.C Norway39,000_99877challenge a team  
Match calendar FC Košice III.D Slovensko110,100Pažo91challenge a team  
Match calendar YumaII.C USA41,200_34020challenge a team  
Match calendar PrešovIX.F3 Slovensko41,000Ivanhoechallenge a team  
Match calendar ÖsthammarIII.C Sweden39,000MISKENO12challenge a team  
Match calendar PopradX.C7 Slovensko41,800zincchallenge a team  
Match calendar CF ZubakVI.C Slovensko39,200zhulenda5challenge a team  
Match calendar Broek op LangendijkII. Netherlands73,700falkyr7745challenge a team  
Match calendar TrenčínVIII.C1 Slovensko39,000Matuš_45188challenge a team  
Match calendar Dubnica Nad VáhomVIII.B2 Slovensko39,200steel.comchallenge a team  
Match calendar Liptovský MikulášX.C8 Slovensko36,900Pedotom9challenge a team  
Match calendar SpišsKá Nová VesIX.A1 Slovensko34,400maly0830challenge a team  
Match calendar PiešanyX.D4 Slovensko40,000raykachallenge a team  
Match calendar RužomberokV.B Slovensko38,400miko86challenge a team  
Match calendar 1 FC STEVAMA BratislavaIII.D Slovensko111,000steef888challenge a team  
Match calendar Chelsea F.C.III.B. Slovensko113,900kihondozachallenge a team  
Match calendar MAB KokošovceII.B Slovensko45,200MABchallenge a team  
Match calendar Považská BystricaV.E Slovensko21,200kolac123456789challenge a team  
Match calendar ŠažaVIII.B2 Slovensko40,500Figo2626challenge a team  
Match calendar RKS CHUWDUIV.B Slovensko104,700RKSCHUWDUchallenge a team  
Match calendar 1. FC KošiceIV.H Slovensko119,200Janko Kozákchallenge a team  
Match calendar HorsholmIII.B Denmark39,200T-Unitedchallenge a team  
Match calendar Football Club SochauxII. France116,500majlo8challenge a team  
Match calendar Hronske KlacanyIII.D Slovensko50,900sairuschallenge a team  
Match calendar VrábleVI.A Slovensko42,600michalhesekschallenge a team  
Match calendar FC AbcIII.A. Slovensko54,700abCZE challenge a team  
Match calendar C.A. IndependienteI.Argentina86,900барселонchallenge a team  
Match calendar FC Abler III.A. Slovensko117,600JMABchallenge a team  
Match calendar Báňovice III.B Česko66,600Rajkachallenge a team  
Match calendar NovákyIX.E2 Slovensko37,400slovanista25challenge a team  
Match calendar Považská Bystrica IIX.G7 Slovensko22,100Drobcek20challenge a team  
Match calendar ČadcaIX.C2 Slovensko38,200Petriikchallenge a team  
Match calendar Club Deportivo TineoI. Spain98,100ardino59challenge a team  
Match calendar PataraII.B Austrian110,900turekchallenge a team  
Match calendar KežmarokVIII.E2 Slovensko39,300bizanjumchallenge a team  
Match calendar SabinovVII.A Slovensko41,800Jakub_70328challenge a team  
Match calendar TrebišovIX.E1 Slovensko37,200prešovchallenge a team  
Match calendar HumennéVI.A Slovensko39,300NHLAKAH89challenge a team  
Match calendar 1.FC Tatran IstanbulI. Turkey79,500MarosCh000challenge a team  
Match calendar Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré II.A Canada40,500CR7jozefchallenge a team  
Match calendar MyjavaIX.C2 Slovensko37,400ToLLo24challenge a team  
Match calendar Bánovce Nad BebravouVIII.B1 Slovensko41,900brano89challenge a team  
Match calendar Kisvárda FC ™II.B Magyarország106,600Hrico7challenge a team  
Match calendar STK Zápy III.G Slovensko105,300Abutreka challenge a team  
Match calendar Raków CzęstochowaIV.F Slovensko65,300 challenge a team  
Match calendar KolárovoIX.D1 Slovensko40,700bourakchallenge a team  
Match calendar ŠtúrovoIX.G3 Slovensko39,50012TAMAGOCIchallenge a team  
Match calendar FC Zenit PetersburgII.B Union Of Russia72,000šimon15challenge a team  
Match calendar Nová BaňaVIII.G2 Slovensko38,900nikolasretenovic1@gmail.comchallenge a team  
Match calendar Jasenová Dolný koniecVIII.A1 Slovensko51,700xfoxxchallenge a team  
Match calendar Curtea de ArgeşII. B Romania34,800ck challenge a team  
Match calendar Kysucké Nové MestoVIII.C1 Slovensko41,300Michal_74988challenge a team  
Match calendar NámestovoX.A5 Slovensko38,500fabregas24challenge a team  
Match calendar Sport Lisboa e BenficaI.Portugal115,800snbranychallenge a team  
Match calendar CollegnoIV.F Italia37,900nation1111challenge a team  
Match calendar 1.Fc Tatran PREŠOVVII.F Slovensko26,200milanko77challenge a team  
Match calendar SninaVI.C Slovensko38,600julino89challenge a team  
Match calendar TJ Oravská Lesná AIV.F Slovensko44,9001rudess1challenge a team  
Match calendar LiberecV.2D Česko40,700juracomchallenge a team  
Match calendar Połczyn zdrójVI. 6F POLSKA80,300domovecschallenge a team  
Match calendar Slavia PrahaX.B4 Česko39,200sionko3challenge a team  
Match calendar Mladá BoleslavIV.A Česko52,900Filmarikchallenge a team  
Match calendar Santa Ines FiľakovoII.A Slovensko34,200patbandurchallenge a team  
Match calendar Niğdespor FCIII.B Česko272,000tunahansevmchallenge a team  
Match calendar OstravaVIII.1B Česko33,800Mildamilhauschallenge a team  
Match calendar BrnoX.K6 Česko40,700kiko9962challenge a team  
Match calendar České BudějoviceIX.5D Česko35,600volfik17challenge a team  
Match calendar JablonecX.F4 Česko40,000bouky71challenge a team  
Match calendar MostIX.2D Česko39,300Timi94challenge a team  
Match calendar SchaffhausenIII.B Česko93,800Maty123challenge a team  
Match calendar Brashton FCX.A7 Česko34,000Brashtonchallenge a team  
Match calendar ZlínX.A8 Česko40,000xxxdyzioxxx1991challenge a team  
Match calendar Radonín VIII.2F Česko83,200Pepik Hnátekchallenge a team  
Match calendar SlováckoVI.2D Česko35,700ondras227challenge a team  
Match calendar KlatovyX.F3 Česko36,400skerochallenge a team  
Match calendar Hradec KrálovéX.L1 Česko36,000muckmellowchallenge a team  
Match calendar ChebIX.6B Česko36,600kikoradobodochallenge a team  
Match calendar PardubiceX.K3 Česko39,600KillLordchallenge a team  
Match calendar PísekX.H1 Česko20,000Mohacchallenge a team  
Match calendar JihlavaIX.1D Česko39,800novyfluxchallenge a team  
Match calendar Ústí Nad LabemIX.1C Česko31,600Blamerbchallenge a team  
Match calendar North VancouverII.A Canada39,800danisanta12challenge a team  
Match calendar HavířovX.B3 Česko37,400Zdeněk_22246challenge a team  
Match calendar RakovníkIX.5C Česko38,000Starky16challenge a team  
Match calendar MělníkX.A1 Česko34,500sniperkochallenge a team  
Match calendar Vyškov CityVIII.2F Česko40,700koloman12121challenge a team  
Match calendar Česká TřebováIX.2C Česko36,10017stepan17challenge a team  
Match calendar HumpolecVII.1A Česko39,300Mr.Recochallenge a team