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Did you know that:

If you get the club into bankruptcy, it can be taken by other manager without your knowledge. (through the Bankrupted clubs tab). Part of the players will leave the club, others remain. But you will have to have to look for contract in another club.

If you add a manager to friends, you can see his current status and if he is online. If he also adds you to his friends, you will be able to see when he was last online.

On the Challenges tab you can configure an automatic acceptance of challanges for friendly matches if the other manager meets the requirements you set.

Information about League II.C POLSKA (Poland)
Matches 46. season
80 played, 380 total
Club Novo Jeleň, Actual position: 11
Cash € -397,575,124,-

San José de Mayo - Novo Jeleň
    Time of the match: 19/10/2018 10:45:00; Head referee: Gyöngyi Csékei [32]
(next oponent)

You will get 150 Credits for 5 EUR. Credit comes immediately!

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Your activity in clubs: W D L Score PTS Position Team strength
9/2018      II.C POLSKANovo Jeleň872330:8731 15 
6/2018      I. JapanOtaru 1941566:5861 11 
3/2018      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Trebišovský KRTO1242261:9740 14