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Did you know that:

When topping up credit by a less convenient way such as by cheque, you get a bonus in the form of credits.

When setting a formation for the match you will be automatically offered the last played formation.

You, as a manager, can have a 3D face created, which may be realistic or modified according to your requirements. This is then displayed in the game itself, in your profile and in formation training.

Information about League II.C POLSKA (Poland)
Matches 47. season
80 played, 380 total
Club Novo Jeleň, Actual position: 13
Cash € -3,149,039,294,-

Novo Jeleň - Antalya
    Time of the match: 20/01/2019 05:00:00; Head referee: Marin Novosel [38]
(next oponent)

You will get 150 Credits for 5 EUR. Credit comes immediately!

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Your activity in clubs: W D L Score PTS Position Team strength
12/2018      II.C POLSKANovo Jeleň1432136:7245 12 
9/2018      II.C POLSKANovo Jeleň872330:8731 15 
6/2018      I. JapanOtaru 1941566:5861 11 
3/2018      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Trebišovský KRTO1242261:9740 14