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11' Javorchik
64' Produnova
81' Tót
Standing : 3548
Seats: 2600
Tribune: 1678
Seats for sponsors: 639
FC Tatran Žalobín

90' Final whistle of the referee, end of the match.
90' Ball possession in the second half-time is in favour of the host team 76 %.
89' Change ot the team's tactics 1.FC.Vrútky, Normal.
88' Zéno Hajdi tricks his way through the defence, Garcia Vonkoohem catches up with him, although the distance is still several yards. Keeper Benjamín Javorka flashed towards the ball to reduce the shooting angle. Zéno Hajdi directs the ball through the keeper's legs but he hits it out of play.
81' Bogdan Tolarewicz makes a foul outside the penalty area. It seems the ball from the 33-yard distance will be kicked by Sebastiano Reinicke. Surprisingly for team FC Tatran Žalobín the free kick is taken by Tót and it turns out to be a beautiful goal where the ball is netted in the goal near the left post.
67' FC Tatran Žalobín plays a cross, the ball curls towards the near post, Dalibor Felber heads it further and Benjamín Javorka saves it.
64' Kou proves he has the highest form. So far, his field performance is just superb.
64' Player Sava Produnova proves his stamina and scores an exquisite goal from a 22-yard distance.
64' Change ot the team's tactics FC Tatran Žalobín, Normal.
61' FC Tatran Žalobín take a direct kick from around 22 yards after Ignacio Kappel fouled the opposing striker. The defensive wall blocks the hard shot.
60' A cross, 4 players of 1.FC.Vrútky stand in the penalty box, defending Beltran Molz tries to kick the ball but he misses it and it ends up in the keeper's gloves.
59' A great combination of team FC Tatran Žalobín outside the penalty area. Zéno Hajdi gets to strike, yet the ball flies just inches over the goal.
54' The team 1.FC.Vrútky is changing the preferred passes, believes that `Short passes` will improve its game.
46' 1.FC.Vrútky is trying to change the style of the game. It is currently playing `Hard`.
45' Ball possession in the first half-time is in favour of the host team 76 %.
45' Half-time
40' Dalibor Felber attacks the defence of 1.FC.Vrútky, he sends the taken ball straight into the gloves of keeper Benjamín Javorka.
24' Benon Aremiczuk runs up onto the field.
24' The struggle for the ball with the goalkeeper in the goal area has not turned out well. The substitue bench gets a signal, Břetislav Romančin will be replaced.
11' The corner kick of Visitors is taken by Vonkoohem. Beltran Molz tries to get the ground cross away from the penalty box. The ball is, however, captured by agile Benjamín Javorchik who scores a goal from 6 yards right past the keeper.
The guests decided to play in the formation 4-1-2-2-1 with the players' setup:
Javorka - Mišík,Reinicke,Kappel,Vonkoohem - Poznan,Dano,Produnova,Kaclík,Javorchik - Tót .
The hosts decided to play in the formation 4-4-1-1 with the players' setup:
Oehm - Lemke,Protopopov,Molz,Hoffmann - Tolarewicz,Kou,Jean,Romančin ,Felber - Hajdi.
Both the host and guest team have already handed in their player lists to the commentators.
It's nice and warm outside. The turf is top-notch. We are looking forward to the players performance.