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22' Skance
53' Viskovic
67' Ztojkovic
71' Rolko
Štadión Nováky
Standing : 4498
Seats: 3179
Tribune: 1999
Seats for sponsors: 900
FK Iskra Nováky
MFK Dobšiná

90' The referee glances at his watch and blows his whistle for the last time in the match.
90' Ball possession in the second half-time is in favour of the guest team 52 %.
89' MFK Dobšiná is trying to change the style of the game. It is currently playing `Normal`.
89' Change ot the team's tactics FK Iskra Nováky, Normal.
89' FK Iskra Nováky is trying to change the style of the game. It is currently playing `Extreme`.
89' the preferred passes for the team FK Iskra Nováky are after the instructions from coach `Long passes.
89' FK Iskra Nováky has decidied to change the kick off/ offensive. `Normal tactics` is playing.
89' Movement on the field. FK Iskra Nováky is changing the setup, the players are constantly re-grouping and it is clear that it will be `5-4-1`.
71' A hard shot sent to the goal of team FK Iskra Nováky is blocked by the keeper's gloves. Ivo Cerjanec knocks it off. Petr Rolko gets to the ball and beats the goalie.
67' The FK Iskra Nováky player receives a clean chance with a swift one-two pass from Emanuel Sopóci. In cold blood, Ivo Ztojkovic converts the chance with a shot into the left-hand corner of the goal. Home team deserve the lead
60' An interesting action, FK Iskra Nováky with a slow sequence of passes seem to have put the whole MFK Dobšiná defence into a sleepy trance. Ivo Ztojkovic rushed towards a swift pass beyond the defensive centre-half and fires out straight in the chest of the keeper. Cyprián Šimko puts slowly to his feet with a painful grimace.
59' Ivo Cerjanec rewards the attack by team MFK Dobšiná with a sneer. It seems that Krivelyova got frightened of the chance, the shot on the goal ends up going out of play.
53' Player Jasenko Viskovic proves his stamina and scores an exquisite goal from a 22-yard distance.
53' The motivation of player Trstenik is a half of his solid performance today.
50' Change ot the team's tactics MFK Dobšiná, Normal.
45' Ball possession in the first half-time is in favour for the guest team 54 %.
45' Half-time
24' Team MFK Dobšiná received a chance. Player Petr Rolko got a brilliant pass from the right. Zgela Trstenik timely tried to block the shot, so Ivo Cerjanec had no problem to save the slowed down ball.
22' Oleg Kratochvíl makes a foul outside the penalty area. It seems the ball from the 33-yard distance will be kicked by Maki Sudec. Surprisingly for team MFK Dobšiná the free kick is taken by Skance and it turns out to be a beautiful goal where the ball is netted in the goal near the left post.
21' Cyprián Šimko runs up onto the field.
21' After a head clash in front of the goalkeeper, one of the players - Branislav Majkovi - doesn't get up. It is clear that he will have to be subsituted.
The guests decided to play in the formation 4-5-1 with the players' setup:
Majkovi - Hulin,Sérly,Krainovic,Kratochvíl - Rolko,Horvatin,Heiden,Schall,Valovič - Krivelyova.
The hosts decided to play in the formation 4-1-2-1-2 with the players' setup:
Cerjanec - Damjanovic,Trstenik,Sikavica,Van plus - Viskovic,Miljas,Sudec,Sopóci - Ztojkovic,Skance.
Both the host and guest team have already handed in their player lists to the commentators.
It's nice and warm outside. The turf is top-notch. We are looking forward to the players performance.