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10' Mihalus
17' Zvonaric
28' Mans
14' Sprinckhorn
37' Markovic
Stadion Letna
Standing : 7731
Seats: 6919
Tribune: 4661
Seats for sponsors: 2528
FK Stare Mesto Kosice
FC Barca Humenné

90' The match has finished.
90' Ball possession in the second half-time is in favour of the host team 76 %.
88' Norris kicks the ball away and immediately he sees the referee granting him the yellow card.
76' Donatello Marasini fouls a moving player and sees a red card.
76' Gino Legnini executed a nasty foul from behind, for which the referee immediately gives him a yellow card.This has been the second yellow in the match, the player has to leave the field.
71' Ante Zvonaric tries an individual breakaway. Donatello Marasini from team FC Barca Humenné reads well the player's intent and disarms him.
60' The club of FK Stare Mesto Kosice takes a corner kick, Radúz Gabrijan jumps for the ball and catches it.
55' After a slow passing sequence, a vertical pass ends in front of the goal of team FC Barca Humenné. Ante Zvonaric tries to make for the ball, however Zdeno Kamas boots a clearance.
50' Player Mario Markovic played way too rough and gets a yellow card.
46' Fillipo Lucchese sets off to fight over the ball, FK Stare Mesto Kosice still holds the ball on their boots, Ante Zvonaric takes a shot, yet it bounces off the crossbar.
45' Ball possession in the first half-time is in favour of the host team 56 %.
45' Half-time
42' A pointless foul in the middle of the field the referee rewards with a yellow card. Gino Legnini shoul watch out and keep his eyes on the ball.
38' Gino Legnini's cross unintentionally landed in front of his keeper, here FC Barca Humenné got hold of the ball but the keeper has no troubles saving the shot.
37' Player Mario Markovic proves his stamina and scores an exquisite goal from a 22-yard distance.
29' An interesting action, FK Stare Mesto Kosice with a slow sequence of passes seem to have put the whole FC Barca Humenné defence into a sleepy trance. Ante Zvonaric rushed towards a swift pass beyond the defensive centre-half and fires out straight in the chest of the keeper. Radúz Gabrijan puts slowly to his feet with a painful grimace.
28' A hard shot sent to the goal of team FC Barca Humenné is blocked by the keeper's gloves. Radúz Gabrijan knocks it off. Sjoerd Mans gets to the ball and beats the goalie.
24' A series of goods passes in the midfield. FC Barca Humenné appears in front of the penalty area, Benito Sprinckhorn takes a technical, the ball bounces right in front of the keeper, yet Ratko Gales kicks the ball off as he falls.
22' Ante Zvonaric takes advantage of a mess in the defence of team FC Barca Humenné, but the following shot flies well wide of the goal.
17' Ante Zvonaric gets a possession of a slow pass, he whizzes alone towards the keeper and scores with a lob into the empty net.
14' FC Barca Humenné carries out a swift counterattack. Being outnumbered by 2 to 1, Jose Cameron sends a well-timed pass to the right side. Gino Legnini is not fast enough and Benito Sprinckhorn scores a goal under the falling goalie.
10' Ambróz Mihalus unexpectedy dodged the defence, penetrates through the midfield and easily strikes a goal that went through the legs of the keeper. Really rapid lead
The guests decided to play in the formation 4-5-1 with the players' setup:
Gabrijan - Kamas,Campos,Stamatelopoulos ,Lucchese - Bednar,Hlotský,Markovic,Marasini,Cameron - Sprinckhorn.
The hosts decided to play in the formation 4-1-2-2-1 with the players' setup:
Gales - Behncke,Reinhard,Norris,Legnini - Brabender,Paquet,Mans,Mihalus ,Fernandes - Zvonaric.
Both the host and guest team have already handed in their player lists to the commentators.
It's nice and warm outside. The turf is top-notch. We are looking forward to the players performance.