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51' Wondraczek

Stadion Husinec
Standing : 2461
Seats: 1627
Tribune: 690
Seats for sponsors: 7
Real CF Pucov

90' The referee raises his hands, shows players to their locker rooms and ends the game by blowing his whistle.
90' Ball possession in the second half-time is in favour of the host team 54 %.
57' It isn't Keffeler's day today. He can't properly motivate himself for the match.
55' Defending Sebastian Škroup deflects the opponent's shot, the ball zooms miles over the goal of team Husinec .
51' A hard shot sent to the goal of team Real CF Pucov is blocked by the keeper's gloves. Marián Wilham knocks it off. Vlastimil Wondraczek gets to the ball and beats the goalie.
50' Petro Noháč should have kept his mouth shut, he gets a yellow card.
45' Ball possession in the first half-time is in favour for the guest team 58 %.
45' Half-time
37' Tugomír Sali runs up onto the field.
37' The struggle for the ball with the goalkeeper in the goal area has not turned out well. The substitue bench gets a signal, Dimitar Dimov will be replaced.
33' Husinec and their midfield has not time to rest, another pass just outside the penalty box, but Dimitar Dimov fires wide of the goal.
32' After a slow passing sequence, a vertical pass ends in front of the goal of team Real CF Pucov. Vlastimil Wondraczek tries to make for the ball, however Gerard Keffeler boots a clearance.
28' Real CF Pucov takes a free kick. But the trained ploy against team Husinec was too predictable and didn't come off.
25' Husinec take a direct kick from around 22 yards after Gerard Keffeler fouled the opposing striker. The defensive wall blocks the hard shot.
16' After a scuffle with the defenders Tarasios Vardakas runs off the pitch, receives some quick medical treatment and the player may join the game again.
The guests decided to play in the formation 4-4-2 with the players' setup:
Wilham - Dobuš ,Keffeler,Banac,Vennigerholz - Chaikovskaya,Ač ,Brothánek ,Avellaneda - Dimov,Vardakas .
The hosts decided to play in the formation 4-4-2 with the players' setup:
Surák - Škroup ,Vortel ,Noháč ,Jókala - Pomykal ,Hasler ,Čulaga ,Břoušek - Wondraczek ,Pětík .
Both the host and guest team have already handed in their player lists to the commentators.
It's dull and cold today. The rain is supposed to start during the match.