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8' Fowler
48' Godard
4' Drobil

Standing : 3196
Seats: 2104
Tribune: 921
Seats for sponsors: 4
Hepo Petřvald

90' The referee glances at his watch and blows his whistle for the last time in the match.
90' Ball possession in the second half-time is in favour of the host team 58 %.
84' A long run down the wing, Vojtech Košík looks for the teammates in front of the goalkeeper. The pass is directed at the teammates' heels.
65' Matouš Ptačinský runs up onto the field.
65' Frederic Godard probably broke his fingers when the opposing player stepped on them unintentionally. Today's match is over for him.
62' A dangerous situation in front of the goalie of Hepo Petřvald, Marcos Bartholdy clears the ball out of danger.
61' Keeper Juraj Stiblik hurries to catch the cross from the wing which landed in the box. He manages to save it.
58' Vojtech Košík tries to head the ball down towards the team-mate in the Hepo Petřvald penalty box, we see the ball out of play instead.
57' A power shot of Hepo Petřvald hit the defender, Josef Miskolczi staggered. The players signal a handball, yet the referee didn't see anything and stretches his arms out.
54' Imrich Janča gets a yellow card for a nasty elbow foul.
50' The club of Hepo Petřvald takes a corner kick, Juraj Stiblik jumps for the ball and catches it.
48' A swift one-two pass in front of the keeper's temple of Mezina , with a well-timed pass Albo Wille sends a team-mate into the penalty box, we see a low ground shot which Juraj Stiblik manages to stroke, yet the ball ends up in the goal. Home are rising to the top
45' Ball possession in the first half-time is in favour for the guest team 52 %.
45' Half-time
38' After a slow passing sequence, a vertical pass ends in front of the goal of team Mezina . Zan Fanyek tries to make for the ball, however Josef Miskolczi boots a clearance.
35' Team Mezina seems to have forgotten about the back door and offers a chance to the opponent. Zan Fanyek sends a hard shot which comes back off a post.
8' Benjamín Tyl takes a corner kick, the ball heads towards the further post, Juraj Stiblik couldn't reach it and Abbott Fowler scores a headed goal into the empty net.
7' Vojtech Košík tries hard to find a goal-shooting position, eventually he takes a shot from behind the defender. Even though Marcos Bartholdy couldn't stop the shot, Bedřich Poupě manages to save it.
4' Vilfrid Drobil catches an inaccurate pass of the defenders, he rushes alone towards the goalie, jinks past him and places the ball into the empty goal.
4' Players as , Godard, Wille, today will not be able to use their special skills due to the weather.
The guests decided to play in the formation 4-4-2 with the players' setup:
Stiblik - Kminiak ,Krippner ,Janča ,Miskolczi - Zlevor ,Langweil ,Drobil ,Paus - Košík ,Ouda .
The hosts decided to play in the formation 5-4-1 with the players' setup:
Poupě - Wille,Kumpf ,Ferbínek ,Ferdinand,Bartholdy - Nyland,Tyl ,Fowler,Godard - Fanyek.
Both the host and guest team have already handed in their player lists to the commentators.
It's dull and cold today. The rain is supposed to start during the match.