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Janko z ňagova - Pierre ®
    Time of the match: 20/04/2021 12:00:00; Head referee: Imai Iwao [37]
  Played matches Result Formation Possession  
  Young Boys Ängelholm - Pierre ®  2:0  4-4-2  34%, 56%   Detail
  Crystal Palace FC - Pierre ®  3:0  4-4-2  36%, 28%   Detail

manager's license is valid from 06/10/2008.
Manager has played 1863 league matches up to this day.
(1114x win,522x loss)

  Name of the team
  Pierre ®
  Team strength:
  269% Compared to us
   Team stars
Heritage Chandler [F]
(good play)
Ekkert Ugolino [G]
(good play)
    The teams have never played together