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20/08/2018 19:10:00Laugarplan motivation  
23/08/2018 19:10:00Vikingur Reykjavik plan motivation  
25/08/2018 19:10:00Fylkirplan motivation  
27/08/2018 19:10:00Vallanesplan motivation  
30/08/2018 19:10:00Hólarplan motivation  
01/09/2018 19:10:00Reykirplan motivation  
03/09/2018 19:10:00Neskaupsta?urplan motivation  
06/09/2018 19:10:00KA Akureyriplan motivation  
08/09/2018 19:10:00Valur Reykjavíkplan motivation  
10/09/2018 19:10:00Thróttur Reykjavíkplan motivation  
13/09/2018 19:10:001.FC ČB Reykjavíkplan motivation  
15/09/2018 19:10:001.SC Hella Mahdalovplan motivation  
17/09/2018 19:10:00Piskorovceplan motivation  
20/09/2018 19:10:00Salming Ólafsvík ÍFplan motivation  
22/09/2018 19:10:00STJARNAN FCplan motivation  

* pick a match , to which you want to offer a premium 550 000,-€. The premium will increase the motivation of hte players at the match.