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manager's license is valid from : 19/06/2011
Age: 37
Town: Lehota
Favourite teams: AFCM Xaus boy´s,Royal Vannes,FK Jupie Podlavice...
Favourite players: Pirés,Harvey,Furdek,Bryan Ruiz...
Favourite coaches: 7miros9
Season:   W D L Score PTS Position Team strength
11/2023      I. RomaniaFCSB chl cup3224133:2498
8/2023      I. RomaniaFCSB chl cup3242126:23100
5/2023      I. RomaniaFCSB chl cup3224124:2598
1/2023      I. RomaniaFCSB chl cup3413131:20103
10/2022      II.A DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Petržalka1641859:6852
11/2012      I. AustrianFeldbach 313430:21510 19 
7/2011      III.D SpainCelta de Vigo1561764:8051