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van Basten 1111

Manager: Galacticos Svit

manager's license is valid from : 14/12/2011
Age: 30
Town: Poprad
Favourite teams: Real Madrid, Ac Milano
Favourite coaches: Marco Van Basten, Arsene Wenger
Other hobbies:
sport, pc, knihy
How I see my virtual team:
zacinam od nuly a snazim sa zlepsovat, uvidime kam to dotiahnem
How I manage my team:
manazujem dobre a chcem postupit do vyssejligy
   17.6.  Monday
    19:00 Pressburg - Galacticos Svit
   18.6.  Thuesday
    08:42 Galacticos Svit - Slovan Bratislava ­
    10:00  Macarani - Galacticos Svit
    10:15 Lesní Hluboké - Galacticos Svit
    10:30 Galacticos Svit - TJ Fresh New Ťapešovo 22 A
    12:30 Galacticos Svit - Zborov nad Bystricou
    16:00 Galacticos Svit - Newcastle United FC
    20:00 Galacticos Svit - Teplická Stínadla
    21:00 Újbudai Meteor - Galacticos Svit
   20.6.  Thursday
    19:00 Galacticos Svit - Nitrianski Rytieri
   21.6.  Friday
    10:15 Galacticos Svit - TJ Fresh New Ťapešovo 22 A
    10:30 Brighton FC - Galacticos Svit
    16:00 Sebedín - Bečov - Galacticos Svit
    20:00 Zborov nad Bystricou - Galacticos Svit
    21:00 Galacticos Svit - Cusco FC
   22.6.  Saturday
    19:00 Helter.Skelter Ulany - Galacticos Svit
   24.6.  Monday
    19:00 Galacticos Svit - FC SK LION
   25.6.  Thuesday
    10:00 Galacticos Svit - VITESE ARNHEIM
    10:15 FK Poprad - Galacticos Svit
    10:30 Galacticos Svit - Brighton FC


   Match statistics   69.05 %

Season:   W D L Score PTS Position Team strength
5/2024      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup wc cup256792:4381
2/2024      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup chl cup2864107:3290
11/2023      I.PortugalCD Santa Clara chl cup26210121:3080
8/2023      I.PortugalCD Santa Clara chl cup wc cup3017136:3091
5/2023      I.PortugalCD Santa Clara chl cup3125118:2995
1/2023      I.PortugalCD Santa Clara chl cup2639105:3381
10/2022      I.PortugalCD Santa Clara chl cup wc cup2927114:3189
7/2022      I.PortugalCD Santa Clara chl cup3026110:2492
4/2022      I.A ItaliaParma Calcio 1913 chl cup1981176:4465
1/2022      I.A ItaliaParma Calcio 1913 chl cup wc cup2511295:4476
10/2021      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup chl cup331495:29100
7/2021      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup chl cup287380:2491
4/2021      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup wc cup237869:3276
1/2021      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup chl cup256784:3481
10/2020      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup wc cup275677:2286
7/2020      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup chl cup323397:1899
4/2020      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup chl cup332396:24101
1/2020      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup chl cup3602100:19108
10/2019      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup chl cup2927103:2689
7/2019      I.DEBAKEL (Slovensko)Galacticos Svit chl cup chl cup3035102:2593
3/2019      I. AustrianTSV Hartberg chl cup209961:3569
12/2018      I. AustrianTSV Hartberg chl cup2171063:3470
9/2018      I. AustrianTSV Hartberg chl cup chl cup255878:3380
6/2018      I. AustrianTSV Hartberg chl cup chl cup286492:2490
3/2018      I. AustrianTSV Hartberg chl cup2061283:6666
12/2017      I.A ItaliaFC Turín chl cup wc cup2657124:3083
9/2017      I. IcelandUMF Grindavík chl cup2189102:4371
6/2017      I. IcelandUMF Grindavík chl cup2369104:4275
3/2017      I. IcelandUMF Grindavík chl cup23510144:4574
12/2016      I. IcelandUMF Grindavík24410123:4876
9/2016      I. IcelandUMF Grindavík chl cup20810128:5268
6/2016      I. IcelandUMF Grindavík wc cup1751694:9356 11 
3/2016      I. GermanyVfL Bochum 1848 chl cup wc cup2251199:5771
12/2015      I. NetherlandsRoda JC Kerkrade chl cup wc cup2549126:3879
9/2015      I. NetherlandsRoda JC Kerkrade chl cup chl cup2855148:3889
6/2015      I. NetherlandsRoda JC Kerkrade chl cup wc cup2585129:3083
3/2015      I.A ItaliaSS Lazio Rím chl cup1262060:9842 16 
11/2014      I. SpainVillarreal CF chl cup wc cup228896:3674
8/2014      I. SpainVillarreal CF chl cup1191870:8842 16 
5/2014      III.C SlovenskoFK Galacticos Svit wc cup chl cup2567138:4281
2/2014      IV.A SlovenskoFK Galacticos Svit chl cup3314193:23100
11/2013      V.A SlovenskoFK Galacticos Svit chl cup chl cup3233204:2599
8/2013      VI.A SlovenskoFK Galacticos Svit chl cup chl cup3233196:2399
5/2013      VII.A SlovenskoFK Galacticos Svit chl cup3503211:33105
2/2013      VII.A SlovenskoFK Galacticos Svit25211131:6877
11/2012      I. FinlandVantaa chl cup23105135:4379
8/2012      I. FinlandVantaa wc cup17714101:6858
5/2012      II. A FinlandVantaa chl cup chl cup3521206:19107
2/2012      II. A FinlandVantaa chl cup2666132:4884