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manager's license is valid from : 19/05/2013
Age: 6
Town: Budapest
Favourite teams: Ferencváros
Favourite players: Nyíl
Favourite coaches: nincs
What football means for me:
Other hobbies:
How I see my virtual team:
amatőrök,de lelkesek.:)
How I manage my team:
Kifinomult,emberbarát már-már legendás módon.
Season:   W D L Score PTS Position Team strength
10/2022      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1661665:7154 10 
7/2022      II.A GermanyVFL Osnabrück chl cup chl cup3044106:2194
4/2022      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück772443:7228 18 
1/2022      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1371851:6446 14 
10/2021      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1352047:6644 13 
7/2021      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1172045:6540 16 
4/2021      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1581559:5153 12 
1/2021      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück chl cup wc cup1991057:4566
10/2020      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1271947:6043 16 
7/2020      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1471750:6149 10 
4/2020      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück chl cup1371842:5246 13 
1/2020      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1391656:4548 11 
10/2019      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück15121154:4457 10 
7/2019      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1461843:6048 11 
3/2019      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1471749:4749 11 
12/2018      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück2141369:4567
9/2018      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1971263:4064
6/2018      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück chl cup2161168:3969
3/2018      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück1781359:5859 10 
12/2017      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück chl cup1831772:7757 10 
9/2017      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück chl cup1761574:5957 10 
6/2017      I. GermanyVFL Osnabrück chl cup2198105:4172
3/2017      II.A GermanyVFL Osnabrück chl cup chl cup3701222:10111
12/2016      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup3215187:3097
9/2016      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup2873177:3991
6/2016      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup2648155:4582
3/2016      I. GreeceSelinus  wc cup27110148:4682
12/2015      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup chl cup3323177:25101
9/2015      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup chl cup2954163:3392
6/2015      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup wc cup2846180:3588
3/2015      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup chl cup2882170:2492
11/2014      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup2855166:2789
8/2014      I. GreeceSelinus  wc cup chl cup3044170:2794
5/2014      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup chl cup3125172:3195
2/2014      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup chl cup2855156:3489
11/2013      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup3044144:2994
8/2013      I. GreeceSelinus  chl cup chl cup3134149:3496