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Manager: Valur Reykjavík
manager's license is valid from : 31/08/2008
Age: 44
Town: Detva
Favourite teams: Fulham,Valur Reykjavík,Detva
Favourite players: van Persie,Ármann Smári Björnsson
Favourite coaches: Weiss,Gunnlaugur Jónsson
What football means for me:
Zabava,skratenie si volneho casu niecim co ma bavi.
Other hobbies:
How I see my virtual team:
Ma sancu byt na poprednych miestach.
How I manage my team:
Dufam ze dobrym. Hram aj fifa manazer zopar rokov tak dufam ze mi to pojde aj tu.
   10.6.  Saturday
    19:10 Fylkir - Valur Reykjavík
   12.6.  Monday
    19:10 Valur Reykjavík - Laugar
   13.6.  Thuesday
    15:58 Valur Reykjavík - CA Vélez Sarsfield
    19:00 Valur Reykjavík - Albertville
    20:00  Macarani - Valur Reykjavík
    20:45 Valur Reykjavík - SC Freiburg™
    21:30 Valur Reykjavík - TJ Banik Ostrava OKD
   15.6.  Thursday
    19:10 Reykir - Valur Reykjavík
   16.6.  Friday
    15:58 FC Dunnenfeld Cisowa - Valur Reykjavík
    19:00  Macarani - Valur Reykjavík
    20:45 RTS Widzew Dollar - Valur Reykjavík
    21:30 IFK Göteborg A - Valur Reykjavík
   17.6.  Saturday
    19:10 Valur Reykjavík - Sinope
   19.6.  Monday
    19:10 Hafnarfjördur - Valur Reykjavík
   20.6.  Thuesday
    15:58 Valur Reykjavík - Cano Colorado ™
    19:00 Valur Reykjavík - Pilis LK
    20:00 Valur Reykjavík - Karlsruhe
    20:45 Valur Reykjavík - RTS Widzew Dollar
    21:30 Valur Reykjavík - Brighton FC
   22.6.  Thursday
    19:10 Salming Ólafsvík ÍF - Valur Reykjavík


   Match statistics   70.78 %

Season:   W D L Score PTS Position Team strength
5/2023      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup3404172:9102
1/2023      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup3323154:26101
10/2022      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup3413165:12103
7/2022      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup3314152:17100
4/2022      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup3413156:16103
1/2022      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3611150:11109
10/2021      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3611167:14109
7/2021      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3512142:14106
4/2021      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup3800153:9114
1/2021      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup wc cup3206137:1696
10/2020      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík wc cup chl cup3035132:2493
7/2020      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3323130:20101
4/2020      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3341131:12103
1/2020      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup2837126:2887
10/2019      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup wc cup3206130:2196
7/2019      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3422133:17104
3/2019      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup wc cup2855129:2589
12/2018      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3611129:15109
9/2018      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3431135:16105
6/2018      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík nc cup chl cup3413133:13103
3/2018      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup3233157:2299
12/2017      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3602168:13108
9/2017      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3512174:19106
6/2017      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3413175:26103
3/2017      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík wc cup chl cup3503190:26105
12/2016      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3323182:24101
9/2016      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3440201:28106
6/2016      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3512194:25106
3/2016      I. IcelandValur Reykjavík chl cup chl cup3116156:3094
12/2015      I. UruguayColonia del Sacramento ™ chl cup chl cup3521214:21107
9/2015      I. UruguayColonia del Sacramento ™ chl cup chl cup3602224:19108
6/2015      I. UruguayColonia del Sacramento ™ chl cup chl cup3800235:17114
3/2015      I. UruguayColonia del Sacramento ™ chl cup3800227:9114
11/2014      I. UruguayColonia del Sacramento ™ chl cup chl cup3701232:14111
8/2014      I. UruguayEl Pinar chl cup3800220:14114
5/2014      I. UruguayEl Pinar chl cup chl cup3710215:11112
2/2014      I. UruguayEl Pinar chl cup chl cup3611214:16109
11/2013      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup3215206:4897
8/2013      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup2855168:5489
5/2013      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup2648151:6982
2/2013      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup3035170:7093
11/2012      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup2954192:5492
8/2012      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup3035191:7893
5/2012      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup24311117:5375
2/2012      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal wc cup chl cup238798:3677
11/2011      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup2576106:3682
7/2011      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup23510102:4674
4/2011      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup23312117:5272
1/2011      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup2846144:4988
10/2010      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup2936138:3990
7/2010      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup2846154:4488
4/2010      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup2927168:3189
1/2010      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup2954180:3592
10/2009      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal nc cup chl cup3143187:4197
7/2009      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup2954155:3092
4/2009      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup chl cup3242164:29100
1/2009      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal chl cup wc cup3017166:3291
10/2008      I. NetherlandsRoosendaal wc cup wc cup2576145:4182