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Manager: Brighton FC
manager's license is valid from : 18/01/2010
Age: 30
Town: Svit
Favourite teams: Real madrid, Ac Milano
Favourite players: Raul,
Favourite coaches: Marco Van Basten,Arsene Wenger
What football means for me:
vsetko, je to dobry relax
Other hobbies:
How I see my virtual team:
dufam ze sa bude zlepsovat,mate sa na co tesit
How I manage my team:
no ucim sa a bude to len a len lepsie,
   7.12.  Thursday
    14:15 Brighton FC - Everton FC
   8.12.  Friday
    08:21 Callington - Brighton FC
    09:30 VTJ Slatinské Lazy - Brighton FC
    10:45 CA Vélez Sarsfield - Brighton FC
    15:45 Brighton FC - FC Nordsjaelland"
    17:00 Brighton FC - Terrace
    18:00 CSKA 1948 Sofia - Brighton FC
    19:30 Brighton FC - FK Varnsdorf
    19:45 As Bukvice - Brighton FC
    20:00 Brighton FC - FK Varnsdorf
    20:30 FK Varnsdorf - Brighton FC
    20:30 FC Baník Achacachi - Brighton FC
    20:45 Galacticos Svit - Brighton FC
    20:45 Slezský FC Brusel - Brighton FC
   9.12.  Saturday
    14:15 Taunton Town F. C. - Brighton FC
   10.12.  Sunday
    08:28 Brighton FC - Kravsko Minotauros
   11.12.  Monday
    14:15 Brighton FC - Castletown
   12.12.  Thuesday
    09:30 Brighton FC - TJ Fresh New Ťapešovo 22 A
    10:45 Brighton FC - FK Varnsdorf
    15:45 Bujanovac - Brighton FC


   Match statistics   65.72 %

Season:   W D L Score PTS Position Team strength
11/2023      I. EnglandBrighton FC chl cup wc cup256785:4081
8/2023      I. EnglandBrighton FC chl cup2251173:4471
5/2023      I. EnglandBrighton FC chl cup1591465:5554 10 
1/2023      I. GermanyRB Lipsko chl cup1751663:6056 13 
10/2022      I. GermanyRB Lipsko chl cup wc cup2081072:5168
7/2022      I. GermanyRB Lipsko chl cup2531081:4078
4/2022      I. GermanyRB Lipsko chl cup wc cup2012673:4772
1/2022      I. GermanyRB Lipsko chl cup228890:5574
10/2021      I. GermanyRB Lipsko1871374:4761
7/2021      I. GermanyRB Lipsko chl cup1961359:5163
4/2021      I. GermanyRB Leipzig A chl cup16101256:5058 10 
1/2021      I. GermanyRB Leipzig A chl cup wc cup2011765:3771
10/2020      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup chl cup2846103:2388
7/2020      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup chl cup293690:2190
4/2020      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup chl cup286497:2090
1/2020      I. SpainAtletico Madrid chl cup chl cup3413103:18103
10/2019      I. SpainAtletico Madrid chl cup295488:2292
7/2019      I. SpainAtletico Madrid A chl cup245990:2877
3/2019      I. SpainAtletico Madrid A chl cup chl cup266685:3084
12/2018      I. SpainAtletico Madrid A chl cup218961:3471
9/2018      I. EnglandNottingham Forest FC chl cup chl cup278382:2489
6/2018      I. EnglandNottingham Forest FC chl cup237881:3376
3/2018      I. EnglandNottingham Forest FC chl cup wc cup236997:4475
12/2017      I. EnglandNottingham Forest FC chl cup wc cup2558111:5180
9/2017      I. EnglandNottingham Forest FC chl cup16111189:6359
6/2017      I. EnglandNottingham Forest FC chl cup11101767:7543 14 
3/2017      I. SrbijaRudovci Stars chl cup1741785:7555 13 
12/2016      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup wc cup2846136:3388
9/2016      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup chl cup2963144:2593
6/2016      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup chl cup3134157:3396
3/2016      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup wc cup2828137:4086
12/2015      I. FranceDijon FCO1691377:5557 11 
9/2015      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup20612100:5666
6/2015      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup chl cup2864147:3690
3/2015      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup wc cup23105111:3979
11/2014      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup chl cup2783110:3689
8/2014      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup wc cup2241298:4870
5/2014      I. FranceDijon FCO chl cup wc cup2486114:4480
2/2014      I. FranceDijon19514120:5562 10 
11/2013      I. FranceDijon chl cup23411127:5873
8/2013      II. FranceDijon chl cup chl cup3035160:3493
5/2013      II. FranceDijon chl cup2846146:4688
2/2013      I. SrbijaFK Vojvodina Novi Sad20612107:6266
11/2012      I. SrbijaFK Vojvodina Novi Sad chl cup1631981:7451 14 
8/2012      II.B SrbijaFK Vojvodina Novi Sad chl cup chl cup3215191:3897
5/2012      II.B SrbijaFK Vojvodina Novi Sad chl cup wc cup3008153:5090
2/2012      I. SrbijaFK Vojvodina Novi Sad chl cup11121569:8345 17 
11/2011      I. SrbijaFK Vojvodina Novi Sad chl cup21611121:5669
7/2011      I. SrbijaFK Vojvodina Novi Sad chl cup1661688:7454 14 
4/2011      I. SrbijaRudovci Stars chl cup1981188:5965 11 
1/2011      II.B SrbijaRudovci Stars chl cup chl cup3404210:23102
10/2010      III.D SrbijaRudovci Stars chl cup chl cup3503225:24105
7/2010      III.D SrbijaRudovci Stars chl cup wc cup3206194:3196
4/2010      III.D SrbijaRudovci Stars chl cup2819184:5485