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Manager: FC Wacker Innsbruck
manager's license is valid from : 23/01/2010
Age: 44
Town: Michalovce
Favourite teams: AC milano
Favourite players: KAKA
Favourite coaches: Ferguson
What football means for me:
dobra hra
How I see my virtual team:
How I manage my team:
ako najlepšie viem
   20.6.  Thursday
    20:15 Vöcklabruck - FC Wacker Innsbruck
   21.6.  Friday
    21:45 Krajná Poľana - FC Wacker Innsbruck
   22.6.  Saturday
    20:15 FC Wacker Innsbruck - LASK Linz
   24.6.  Monday
    20:15 Wattens - FC Wacker Innsbruck
   25.6.  Thuesday
    05:00 1.FC.Heven's Kyjev - FC Wacker Innsbruck
   27.6.  Thursday
    20:15 FC Wacker Innsbruck - FC Admira Wacker Mödling
   29.6.  Saturday
    20:15 Carintia Villach - FC Wacker Innsbruck
   1.7.  Monday
    20:15 FAC Team für Wien - FC Wacker Innsbruck


   Match statistics   62.41 %

Season:   W D L Score PTS Position Team strength
3/2019      I. AustrianFC Wacker Innsbruck1761561:5057 11 
12/2018      I. AustrianFC Wacker Innsbruck chl cup wc cup227970:3573
9/2018      I. AustrianFC Wacker Innsbruck237880:3276
6/2018      I. AustrianFC Wacker Innsbruck chl cup2151265:4068
3/2018      I. AustrianFC Wacker Innsbruck chl cup wc cup228896:3974
12/2017      I. AustrianFC Wacker Innsbruck chl cup wc cup2738125:3984
9/2017      I. AustrianFC Wacker Innsbruck chl cup18317118:9357 10 
6/2017      I. IcelandFylkir chl cup21512113:4668 10 
3/2017      I. IcelandFylkir chl cup2549146:5179
12/2016      I. IcelandFylkir chl cup2549132:5779
9/2016      I. IcelandFylkir chl cup wc cup2729153:3983
6/2016      I. IcelandFylkir chl cup21611141:4269
3/2016      I. IcelandFylkir chl cup2141394:4967 10 
12/2015      I. SwedenIFK Göteborg chl cup chl cup2756139:4386
9/2015      I. SwedenIFK Göteborg chl cup2756144:3986
6/2015      I. SwedenIFK Göteborg nc cup wc cup2657135:3883
3/2015      II.A SwedenIFK Göteborg chl cup chl cup3404210:27102
11/2014      I. BrazilBotafogo COF Rio de Janei chl cup2837160:4487
8/2014      I. BrazilBotafogo COF chl cup2738156:3984
5/2014      I. BrazilBotafogo COF chl cup chl cup3035161:3193
2/2014      II.B BrazilBotafogo COF chl cup3530212:19108
11/2013      III.C BrazilBotafogo COF chl cup3314195:25100
8/2013      III.F SlovenskoBlack Metal Michalovce chl cup2846143:3688
5/2013      IV.D SlovenskoBlack Metal Michalovce chl cup3224180:3998
2/2013      IV.D SlovenskoBlack Metal Michalovce chl cup2774140:3188
11/2012      II.A Českofcb ostrava chl cup2765132:3887
8/2012      III.A Českofcb ostrava wc cup chl cup25310115:4478
5/2012      III.A Českofcb ostrava chl cup21611116:5369
2/2012      IV.B Českofcb ostrava chl cup chl cup2873153:3291
11/2011      IV.B Českofcb ostrava22610122:4572
7/2011      IV.B Českofcb ostrava chl cup2549103:4579
4/2011      IV.B Českofcb ostrava wc cup1551894:9850 14 
1/2011      II.B ItaliaMaiori  chl cup2729134:4783
10/2010      II.B ItaliaMaiori  chl cup2729135:6083
7/2010      II.B ItaliaMaiori  chl cup24212129:7274
4/2010      III.C ItaliaMaiori  chl cup3215146:5397