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manager's license is valid from : 24/04/2010
Age: 46
Favourite teams: Ain Sud Foot
Favourite players: Diego Lugano
What football means for me:
zabavka,je to dobry šport :)
How I see my virtual team:
No Bude to tazke ale vsak hadam nejako prezijeme :)
How I manage my team:
no pustim sa do toho...uvidime co to prinesie
Season:   W D L Score PTS Position Team strength
4/2022      I. FranceAin Sud Foot chl cup274796:2985
1/2022      II. FranceAin Sud Foot chl cup3710156:12112
10/2021      III. FranceAin Sud Foot chl cup3710157:11112
7/2021      IV.B FranceAin Sud Foot chl cup3800164:9114
4/2021      V.D FranceAin Sud Foot chl cup3800167:8114
1/2021      VI.H FranceAin Sud Foot chl cup237876:3576
6/2017      I. SwedenIbrahimović Rosengard FF chl cup2747178:4185
3/2017      II.A UruguayClub Atlético Peňarol ™ chl cup2945144:3791
12/2016      VI.F FranceAS Saint Étienne™1391663:6848 11 
9/2016      VI.F FranceAS Saint Étienne™1381763:6547 12 
6/2016      VI.F FranceAS Saint Étienne™ chl cup2051365:5565
3/2016      VI.F FranceAS Saint Étienne™ chl cup2071178:5067
12/2015      VI.F FranceAS Saint Étienne™1751658:6056
9/2015      VI.F FranceAS Saint Étienne™1481668:6650 13 
6/2015      VI.F FranceAS Saint Étienne™1791276:5760
3/2015      V.C FranceAS Saint Étienne™852546:9429 20 
11/2014      VI.F FranceAS Saint Étienne™ chl cup1991083:6666
8/2014      VI.F FranceAS Saint Étienne™1291753:7045 16 
5/2014      VII.D2 FranceAS Saint Étienne™ chl cup247793:5679
2/2014      VII.D2 FranceAS Saint Étienne™1532073:9148 13 
11/2013      VII.D2 FranceAS Saint Étienne™ chl cup1891189:6663
8/2013      VII.D2 FranceAS Saint Étienne™1461884:8248 14 
5/2013      VII.D2 FranceAS Saint Étienne™1671582:7455 10 
2/2013      VII.D2 FranceAS Saint Étienne™1761595:8257 10 
11/2012      VI.F FranceAS Saint Étienne™1172063:9940 17 
8/2012      VI.F FranceAS Saint Étienne™1342159:7743 14 
5/2012      VII.C2 FranceAS Saint Étienne™ chl cup2828117:5186
2/2012      VII.C2 FranceAS Saint Étienne™ chl cup3143124:4497
11/2011      VII.C2 FranceAS Saint Étienne™ chl cup2531095:4378
7/2011      I. GreeceOlympiakos S.F.P.2021685:6362
4/2011      I.A ItaliaFc Juventus Bianconeri972257:12034 16 
1/2011      II. SwissFC Sion chl cup3323179:25101
10/2010      II. SwissFC Sion1561771:8151 12 
7/2010      II.B TurkeySTAL Polatli1831797:10057 10