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Best ranking in the league
League Team Season W D L Score PTS Team strength Position
 III.A. SlovenskoJasová chl cup 41 3053143:3295
 II.A SlovenskoJasová chl cup 53 274781:3185
 IV.E SlovenskoJasová chl cup 14 3314207:24100
 IV.E SlovenskoJasová chl cup 24 2954153:3592
 III.A. SlovenskoJasová chl cup 35 2648138:4282
 III.A. SlovenskoJasová chl cup 25 2765146:4687
 III.A. SlovenskoJasová chl cup 40 2927125:4189
 IV.E SlovenskoJasová  chl cup 11 3026163:5892
 II.A SlovenskoJasová chl cup 42 2311494:6770
 IV.E SlovenskoJasová  chl cup 12 2729159:4083
* current league of the club is played 55. season.

Wins in a row
League Date fromDate toRound fromRound toRecord
II.A Slovensko02/06/201804/06/201829302
II.A Slovensko18/06/201821/06/201836372
II.A Slovensko14/05/201817/05/201821222
II.A Slovensko12/02/201815/02/201822232
II.A Slovensko27/01/201829/01/201815162
Unbeaten streak
League Date fromDate toRound fromRound toRecord
II.A Slovensko16/07/201822/09/201893830
II.A Slovensko21/05/201804/06/201824307
II.A Slovensko24/02/201805/03/201827315
II.A Slovensko23/04/201830/04/201812154
II.A Slovensko25/01/201801/02/201814174

Wins away
League SeasonRekord
II.A Slovensko5411
I. Slovensko552
II.A Slovensko532
Wins home
League SeasonRekord
II.A Slovensko5416
II.A Slovensko534
I. Slovensko553

Cup competition wins
  Date / Time   Type Name Description
    16 teams AS ROMA CUP 4 NANI Na wymianę ;)
    16 teams Črna GORA cup Píšte mi všetci. VYMENA
    virtual league Tašuľa CUP II
    virtual league Jasová Cup
    4 teams 1.ročník Hollmex cup kdo chce ist nech posle pozvanku na turnaj
    4 teams 4.ročník Hollmex cup len na výmenu..píšte
    4 teams Marvan-aréna cup
    4 teams 2.ročník Hollmex cup na vymenu
    4 teams Herkules cup 2000 Na výmenu
    4 teams Gunners mini cup 2