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Best ranking in the league
League Team Season W D L Score PTS Team strength Position
 IV.B EnglandFC Liverpool™ chl cup chl cup 16 3710263:15112
 II.A EnglandFC Liverpool™ chl cup 18 2864123:3890
 I. EnglandFC Liverpool™ chl cup chl cup 31 2594107:3884
 I. EnglandFC Liverpool™ chl cup 56 284672:3788
 III.B EnglandFC Liverpool™ wc cup chl cup 17 3314201:31100
 I. EnglandFC Liverpool™ chl cup 44 254979:3479
 I. EnglandFC Liverpool™ chl cup 46 265776:2883
 I. EnglandFC Liverpool™ wc cup chl cup 49 248675:3580
 I. EnglandFC Liverpool™ chl cup 32 283797:3887
 I. EnglandFC Liverpool™ chl cup 34 2261083:4472
* current league of the club is played 60. season.

Wins in a row
League Date fromDate toRound fromRound toRecord
I. England01/03/201810/03/201829335
I. England31/03/201807/04/2018254
I. England02/06/201809/06/201829324
I. England12/04/201816/04/2018793
I. England14/06/201818/06/201834363
Unbeaten streak
League Date fromDate toRound fromRound toRecord
I. England23/07/201822/09/2018123827
I. England29/03/201816/04/2018199
I. England01/03/201819/03/201829379
I. England02/06/201818/06/201829368
I. England10/02/201815/02/201821233

Wins away
League SeasonRekord
I. England5913
I. England603
I. England583
Wins home
League SeasonRekord
I. England5912
I. England604
I. England584

Cup competition wins
  Date / Time   Type Name Description
    Top manager cup 1
    16 teams Santa Maria Cup 2012 Invite for invite!
    16 teams November cup
    16 teams MACARANI CUP 4 vianočný turnaj
    16 teams Stanleyś Cup III. přípravný turnaj - preparatory tournament
    16 teams Pohar Liptovskej Anny na vymenu a pozvanky posielat muzsvu liptovska anna
    16 teams Martinez cup I. Turnaj na výmenu
    16 teams Blaugranas cup 2 na výmenu
    16 teams Nooneho cup - na výmenu Na výmenu a to hneď
    virtual league Werben-virtuál Len za virtuálku alebo 16-ku
    virtual league Boavista virtual cup 1 na vymenu
    virtual league Altenberg cup 3 jen na výměnu
    virtual league xcup31x na vymenu
    virtual league LIPTOV cup IX
    virtual league jupo cup - 41.
    virtual league PETROVCE CITY CUP V
    virtual league Anfield cup VI.virtuál. Virtuálka len na výmenu za virtuálku!!!!
    virtual league SVK CUP - pre hokejistov plno
    virtual league ME 2016 FRANCIE 2
    8 teams 1 ročník Žilinského Poháru Na výměnu a pro kamarády
    4 teams Len tak
    4 teams
    4 teams gold cup 2