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  Football commentator
Do you spend more time here? Do you think you have something to say about what’s going on in the league?
If you enjoy writing about teams and matches, if you have an insight to share, become a commentator.

Anyone interested has to comply to these conditions:
- is proficient in one of these languages: Slovak, Czech, Polish or English
- is over 17 years
- has minimum gain of 5000 points

You can apply by sending an email to As a subject write: "commentator".

E-mail must contain:
1. your login,
2. number of points,
3. name of your league,
4. why do you want to become a commentator. 
Commentators are appointed and activated at the beginning of each month. Non-active commentators are deactivated at the same time.
We are looking forward to all of you that have decided to try out sports journalism from within. Remember that you don’t have to write daily. Commentators write when they feel like writing and when there’s something they want to share. Minimum is 1 – 2 times per week.

Football commentator can lose their job under the following circumstances:
- incorrect grammar,
- is not objective,
- insults others with his comments.

Managers or commentators can submit their suggestions to the new section on the forum.

We greatly appreciate your interest.