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  WARNING: Managers who submitted a post with content not pertaining to the game will be blocked, until they have deleted it.

What is the forum good for?
Forum serves as a communication platform for discussing gaming strategy, ways of managing the team, finance and matches. The posts should illuminate various situations to help other managers.

Who can submit a post?
Managers with 500+ points can submit their posts. Others can only read the forum.
What are the stars next to the manager's name?
 They describe the rank of a manager. The more stars, the better the ranking. This serves as a hint to as how much credible manager's advice could be.

Undesirable posts
Utterly undesirable are posts which: disparage other managers or contain derogatory words, do not pertain to the game, are described in other parts of the game, are related to reporting problems, are dealt with in other threads.
 Not respecting these terms will be considered as a breach of the T&C.