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1. Terms and Conditions of Use

Development studio, s.r.o., provider of the internet game requires all their users to accept the following terms and conditions.

I. Definition of terms
 a) Provider
 Provider is Development Studio, Ltd., which is the sole owner of the internet game
 b) User
User is everybody who fills in the registration form and successfully logs in at least once.
II. Provided services
User has to accept the Terms and Conditions which define official part of the game registered under the domain
The provider  guarantees flawless operation of the internet game. In spite of this a stoppage can occur. User is not entitled to any compensations which may have been caused by a stoppage of the application.
III. Playing the game
 a) Playing, communication
The game starts with the registration of the user. User is required to read The Terms and Conditions of Use and follow them after accepting.
User is obliged to use an email they stated in the game profile.
The provider will use solely this email as a means of communication. The exception might be user’s own enquiry via official email address, ICQ or Skype.
 b) Termination of the game by the user
 The user has a right to terminate the game. This is done by clicking the “Abandon the team” button. If the user does not take over a new team their account ceases to exist after 7 days. One user can own only one account. Exempted are players with Dual mode.
 c) Termination of the game by the provider
The provider has a right to terminate the game of a user who does not abide to the rules, either temporarily or permanently.
During the temporary termination a user can express their disapproval solely by means of internet communication channels designated as a customer support by the provider.
 d) Refunds
 A claim of money refund is not possible neither by deliberate termination by the user nor by termination by the provider. Exemption to this is when despite the user’s following the Terms and Conditions of Use the provider terminated their game. Then the user is entitled to a refund of the unused credit.
 e) Additional services
The user is entitled to using these services  according to the current price list of the provider. Additional services can be obtained by topping-up the credit by purchasing it by a cheque or by a bank transfer.
Time of top-up of the credit depends on the form of purchase. The provider is not responsible for a possible delay caused by third parties, is however obliged to ensure topping-up of credit in 48 hours after obtaining the payment.
The provider reserves the right not to accept payments of less than 3.32 EUR (100,- Sk).
The provider can refund payments to the user reduced by fees that third parties may charge for carrying out back transfers and/or refunds.
 Additional services depend directly on the user in the scope of their user account. Team shirt and services linked to the virtual players in the club are exceptions.
3.32 EUR (100,- Sk) is an equivalent of 100 game points – credits.
 f) Communication channels
The provider cannot be held responsible for contents of communication amongst users. However, he reserves the right to intervene when the rules are violated.  
IV. Conditions of Use
 The user is obliged to abide to the following basic Conditions of Use:
- founder of a tournament cannot require finance, credits and/or any other assets from other managers for their participation in the tournament;
- every user can own but one team, it is possible to manage just one team from one computer;
- it is forbidden to use derogatory terms in names of teams, in login names/aliases etc., name of a team must include a city where the league is played. The name cannot mock the club;
- it is not allowed to change teams more than once a month;
- after making a deal with other managers the user must not buy and/or sell players for other than the market price
-the user must not share their login details with other people
- it is not allowed to púšťať matches to managers in favour of other users;
- a manager as an owner of the club is obliged to make profit which he invests for the benefit of the team;
- it is not allowed to contact other managers, to make their game unpleasant or to disparage them in any way;
- it is forbidden to use the variety of OFM (Online Football Manager) for a purpose of spoiling the game;
- it is not allowed to use derogatory language in communication channels;
- user who stops taking care of his club will be deprived of the club;
- any suspicion of misusing the team by other manager will the user promptly report to;
- any questions or queries concerning OFM are sent solely to;
- prizes will be given only to those managers with a complete profile;
- any demonstration of racism, aggression or sexism are forbidden.
The provider reserves the right to freeze the account if the rules have been violated, for reactivation of such an account can charge 100 credits
Exchange rate: 1 ˆ = 30.1260,- SKK.

V. Data protection
 The provider has the right to save user’s IP addresses with times of login in order to check if the T&C are being followed.
VI. User's account
All accounts and scores and points in the game are virtual and as such are owned by the provider. The user has no right whatsoever to trade them, try to influence other users by trading offers or by selling those for money.
VII. Guarantee and damages
The provider is not responsible for any damage caused by playing the game, an exception is damage caused by gross negligence of the provider.
Concerning health, the provider warns that playing computer games poses certain risks to health, which should be discussed with a medical specialist.
VIII. Change of Terms and Conditions
The provider can change the terms and conditions in the course of the game. These will be made public 14 days prior to their taking effect. 
IX. Personal data protection
Payments are carried out by third parties. All data are subject to personal data protection and are not given to other parties.
X. Refusal of the Terms and Conditions
 Participation in the game is  conditioned by agreement to the Terms and Conditions. The user can refuse these during the 14 day window when they are being changed. By expressing refusal, the game will be terminated for the user.